Video Podcasts on Spotify
October 20, 2021

Introducing Video Podcasts on Spotify

Video brings listeners right into your world, making podcasting a more engaging experience than ever.

Spotify has long been the audio destination for hundreds of millions, whether they’re discovering their new favorite musician or podcaster. Today, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that it’s video’s turn to play, too. Introducing Video Podcasts: Easily upload your episode to Anchor, Spotify’s free podcasting tool, for fans to watch on Spotify. Or listen. Because part of what makes Video Podcasts extra-special is that they can be viewed front-and-center or seamlessly switched to the background, for on-the-go listening. 

We’re gradually rolling out Video Podcasts, so let us know if you’d like to be one of the first creators to try it! Apply for the waitlist.

Let fans tune in however they want, on the platform they already know and trust

With Video Podcasts, you’re not only able to enrich and complement audio experiences for fans through the power of video, you’re also offering them the flexibility to consume it as video or audio. Video-background play allows them to switch between active watching (with video in the foreground) and lean-back listening (with video in the background), all for free. This means everyone can now listen to (or watch) their favorite episodes wherever they are, in any scenario: on the subway, in the kitchen, during a walk, or every time in between. And it’s available on users’ favorite Spotify players, including the Spotify mobile app, desktop app, web player, and most smart TVs and video-game consoles.

The best of both worlds for creators and fans

Video Podcasts allow fans to feel more connected to creators behind the shows they love: Through video, fans can get to know their favorite podcasters—or the ones they just discovered—better than ever, whether you’re offering them a rich cinematic storytelling experience or just putting a face to the voices in your latest interview. It’s every bit as much a breakthrough for creators, too. You can finally add the context, creativity, or color to your content that you’ve always wanted—and simply let your imagination wild. Plus, your show and brand will become more open for discovery on Spotify. For you, that means unlocking new ways to extend your reach, deepen audience engagement, and even earn more.

You'll soon be able to monetize Video Podcasts by utilizing Podcast Subscriptions*, which will enable you to share exclusive content with subscribers or only allow subscribers to unlock your video content. You’ll also be able to incorporate existing advertising partnerships into your videos—and our recently announced Automated ads will begin rolling out to select creators in the coming months.

We make it easy to make a must-watch

Even if you’ve never made a podcast using Anchor, we’re confident that Video Podcasts will feel like a seamless experience. And if you have used Anchor before, it’ll feel familiar: Once you’re approved to use Video Podcasts, you can easily upload videos through your Anchor account (which you’ll create as part of the application process)—very similar to the ‘New episode’ steps for audio-episode creation.

Once it’s published, your video will appear on Spotify, and if viewers want to multitask while still listening to your audio, they can close the app or minimize the player. It’s that simple. For creators who have an existing podcast on Spotify, video goes hand-in-hand—the perfect complement to existing audio, and an easy, innovative way to create robust experiences, plural, from a single piece of content.

How it works: 1. Sign up. To get started, let us know you're interested by answering a few questions. 2. Upload on Anchor. Once approved, click 'New episode' and 'Quick upload' to add a video file. 3. View on Spotify. Once it's published, your video episode will live directly in your Spotify catalog.

Spotify continues to pioneer new forms of interactivity, unique listening experiences, and now unique viewing experiences, along with tools to give you greater control over your content. And we can’t wait to see how Video Podcasts will change the way you connect with your audience—not to mention the way you create. Take advantage of Anchor’s free and easy-to-use platform, while expanding your reach to millions on Spotify. All that’s left to do is get the camera rolling.

*Coming soon to select markets

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