How I Podcast: In conversation with Bob The Drag Queen & Monét X Change of “Sibling Rivalry”

June 15, 2021

Disclaimer: There are no siblings in “Sibling Rivalry.” There’s not even a rivalry. Everyone’s a winner: Monét X Change won All-Stars 4 on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Bob The Drag Queen won season 8. So while the show’s title isn’t necessarily indicative of what to expect, there’s more than enough authenticity in the hilarity and banter to go around on each episode.

Whether Monét and Bob are letting listeners in on what it’s like to travel with other famous drag queens, dispensing hot takes on pop culture as only they can, or welcoming guests with open arms, hearts and minds, you simply can’t take your ears off of them.

We talked with the Drag Race alumni and all-around superstars about their advice for fellow podcasters, their podcast inspiration, and their close-knit friendship that borders on siblinghood.


Monét: Bob was working on Angels in America at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre for about six months, and my season of Drag Race was airing. Between our schedules, it was nearly impossible to talk and catch up, so we decided to schedule and record it. We also just sit and talk for hours about the most ridiculous topics, and our friends find it hilarious, so why not let the entire world in on some of the fun.


Bob: When we first started we’d literally just sit down and record ourselves talking for an hour. When we were done we’d go back, listen to the entire thing, decide what the main theme of our episode was and name it accordingly. Now it’s a little more streamlined: We go into each episode with a topic pre-planned and a list of questions and prompts to keep the conversation flowing.


Monét: We’re currently working on building a full studio fantasy, but for right now we love Zencastr and Riverside for recording. It’s super-easy recording tech and it delivers great, already-synced-up audio! Every podcaster’s dream.


Bob: Invite guests! Preferably people with other podcasts. You can all cross-promote your work and everybody wins! 

Monét: We also recently got the “Sibling Rivalry” socials poppin’ so we share clips and snippets across all social media platforms. Anchor has a tool that automatically generates clips for you to share and it is AMAZING—definitely use it!


Bob: Invest in a good microphone—they can be pricey, but audio can make or break a podcast that’s starting out. Ask Monét, she’ll tell you…Queen of the crunchy audio.

Monét: I’m not gonna entertain this literally at all. Y’all go listen to recent episodes and decide for yourselves. Also, my new single, “Love Like This,” is currently out and it’s the best audio you’ll hear in your life, honey!

What’s a podcast that you look to for inspiration?

Monét: We love “The Read” with Kid Fury and Crissle, and also “Small Doses with Amanda Seales.” Great content, funny takes, super informative, and Black! What more do you need?


Bob: Girl, the automatically generated clips for promo. Game changer.



Bob: Having a reason to find time to talk with my best friend even though our schedules are crazy.  

Monét: What in the Disney Channel/Miss Congeniality response is that? 

Bob: I love talking to you, Monét.

Monét: Mmhmm. News to me…I’ve never seen you like this!

[Both laugh]



Bob: I know this sounds cliché, but you need to be having fun. As long as you enjoy the conversations you’re having, the listeners will, too. We’ve been doing this podcast for three years now, and it’s still my favorite thing to do.

Monét: Again, everything he said—except the end. The best advice I have to offer is to go listen to and watch my brand new single, “Love Like This." It will literally change your life, period!

For Pride Month, we’re honored to amplify the voices and experiences of LGBTQIA+ creators, including Sibling Rivalry, on our Show Your Pride podcast playlist.

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