How I Podcast: In conversation with "That’s Weird"


If there’s a topic that’s a bit bizarre, downright mysterious, or oddly peculiar, there’s a good chance it has been talked about on the podcast That’s Weird, co-hosted by producer Ashley Smith and comedian Kristy Brannon. The duo’s zesty energy, playful banter, and hilarious personal anecdotes are all reasons why their cult following of listeners (or “weirdos” as they lovingly refer to them) come back each week. Every episode, they do a deep-dive into baffling topics — from octopus wrestling to sports witchcraft and creepy clowns to Sasquatch kidnappings.

Some of the topics are listener-submitted, which is one of the many smart ways that the hosts engage their audience, and some of the topics are driven by their own wild curiosity. Before getting into their two headlining stories of the week, Ashley and Kristy will often chat about what’s new in their lives, and fittingly so, their daily antics are pretty weird, too!

The podcasters have also expertly strategized their social channels as a way to add more value to their listeners. By making original memes, posting images that are relevant to the show’s topics for those who want to go down a deeper rabbit hole, and sharing behind-the-scenes photos—these extra efforts help to build a dedicated community and keep their podcast top-of-mind.

The co-hosts just hit their third year of podcasting (97 episodes and counting!) and to mark the anniversary, we talked with them about their podcasting experience and what they’ve learned along the way.

What motivated you to start podcasting?

After working in commercial radio for almost 12 years, it seemed inevitable that I’d start a podcast. But it wasn’t until I met my friend (and now co-host) Kristy that I knew what kind of podcast I wanted to create. The weird conversations we were always having as friends just had to be recorded!

What’s your show’s format?

We’re co-hosts and on each episode and we tell each other a story about something weird. It could be a wild topic from history, a strange paranormal event, or an unsolved mystery. We laugh and tell jokes and it’s all very casual and conversational.

How did you find a format that worked for you?

When we launched our podcast in 2016, we were heavily inspired by My Favorite Murder, whom we love. Listening to the hosts talk about true crime really opened up the podcast flood gates for me. Women talking about grisly topics and making each other laugh!? That wasn’t just the kind of podcast I wanted to listen to, it was the kind of podcast I wanted to create. And I feel like that style didn’t really exist in the podcast world before them.


We each have an ATR2100 USB mic from Audio-Technica that works really well for what we do — and they’re pretty affordable. We talk on Google Hangouts and each record our own tracks. Then Kristy sends me her side of the convo and I edit everything together.


Social media has been absolutely crucial for us, especially Instagram and Twitter. We also joined Lady Pod Squad, which is a collection of female-identifying podcasters. In the group, you can do promo swaps and collaborate and everyone supports each other. It’s wonderful.

"Sponsorships makes it easy to get paid for your hard work. For our little indie podcast to be sponsored is truly incredible and we only have that connection because of Anchor."
Why Anchor?

Sponsorships makes it so easy to get paid for your hard work. For our little indie podcast to be sponsored is truly incredible and we only have that connection because of Anchor.


All of our weirdos AKA our listeners. The support they’ve given us means so much.


Listen to your own podcast! I know that sounds narcissistic, but it’s the best way to learn and grow as a host and a storyteller. I mean, if you can’t get through an episode of your own podcast, how can you expect anyone else to?

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