How I Podcast: In conversation with YouTube stars Colin and Samir


When working in a creative field, fear can sometimes be the biggest inhibitor but it can also be the greatest motivator. For YouTubers Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry, their mindset is to give everything a try—fearlessly—and document it along the way. The Colin and Samir Podcast, which is comprised of one-on-one discussions between the hosts and interviews with other creative people, focuses on the power of playing with ideas, overcoming self-doubt, and knowledge-sharing about their experiments in a range of different creative outlets—including the pivot from YouTube to podcasting.

Through interviews with fellow YouTubers, filmmakers, and artists, in addition to collecting sound bytes from listeners through Anchor Voice Messages, the duo excels at engaging their existing community, while also inviting new audiences to join and expand the conversation. We spoke with Colin and Samir and learned more about their podcasting process.

What motivated you to start podcasting?

We often tell our YouTube subscribers, “If you want the raw, unfiltered version of us, listen to our podcast.” While we may have started a podcast to grow as storytellers, it’s turned out to be more like a form of group therapy. Our journey as filmmakers and entrepreneurs continues to be difficult and rewarding at the same time. This podcast gives us a place to talk about the ups and downs of creative life with a community that cares.

What is your show’s format?

The majority of our shows are conversational in format. The goal is to facilitate a conversation that is natural and leads to self-discovery, whether that be with ourselves or with a guest.


We use 2 Sennheiser e835 mics into an H4N—it’s a really mobile set up and allows us to podcast on the road. We’ve actually recorded in cars, planes, and even walking around Venice Beach.

Our favorite Anchor tool is 100% the Voice Messages feature. Hearing from the people that listen makes it all worth it.

We have a YouTube channel under the same name (Colin and Samir) that we use to highlight our podcast. After an episode is released, Twitter has proven to be the best place for conversation with our community.

What’s your favorite Anchor feature to use?

100% the Anchor Voice Messages feature. Hearing from the people that listen makes it all worth it.

What’s your best piece of podcasting advice?

Press publish. Audiences want to be there during the hard times and improve alongside you. If you’re worried that an episode isn’t good enough — you’re doing something right. Now you know that you care enough to make changes and come back next week.




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